The 3rd International Symposium on Binder Rheology and Pavement Performance


Plaza San Antonio
Marriott, USA

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23rd/24th 2002

Copies of the presentations are available as PDF files by clicking on the title of the presentation.
Presentations Monday (am) Chairman: Raj Dongre
Garry Fitts Development of Asphalt Performance Specifications in the South East USA
Amy Epps A Performance Graded Binder Specification for Surface Treatments: Development and Initial Validation
G. Mohammed Memon

 Polymer Modified Asphalt (PMA) Using German and American Technology

Otto Joseph Vacin Dynamic and Relaxation Properties of neat asphalt binder, asphalt Mastic and Paving Mix
Presentations Monday (pm) Chairman: Geoff Rowe and Ludo Zanzotto
Gerhard Kennepohl The Newly Established Centre of Pavement and Transportation Research (CPATT) at the University of Waterloo
Raj Dongre A Criterion to Identify Outliers in the DTT Failure Test using the Stress versus Strain Curves

Geoffrey M. Rowe, Susanna Ho,
John A. D’Angelo and Mark J. Sharrock

Calculation of the Relaxation Modulus Master Curve from DTT Test Data and the Determination of Critical Cracking Temperature
Susanna Ho The Low Temperature Properties of Conventional and Modified Asphalts as Evaluated by the Failure Energy and Secant Modulus from Direct Tension Tests
Presentations Tuesday (am) Chairman: Dallas Little
Mark Bouldin and Raj Dongré Empirical SHRP+ Specifications versus Performance-Related Models
Geoffrey M. Rowe, John A. D’Angelo and Mark J. Sharrock Use of the Zero Shear Viscosity as a Parameter for the High Temperature Binder Specification Parameter
Dariusz Sybilski and Ann Vanelstrate RILEM inter-laboratory test on binder rheology test methods DSR and BBR
Tom Harman Understanding the Performance of Modified Binders in Asphalt Mixtures
Presentations Tuesday (pm) Chairman: Mark Bouldin
Yong-Rak Kim, Dallas N. Little and Renju George Use of Continuum Damage Fatigue Model and Dynamic Mechanical Analysis to Assess the Impact of Fillers and Polymer Modification on Asphalt Mastics
Klaus -Werner Damm, Jörg Abraham, Gerhard Riebesehl, Günter Hildebrand, Thorsten Butz Asphalt Flow Improvers As 'Intelligent Fillers' For Hot Asphalts - A New Chapter In Asphalt Technology
Delmar Salomon and Huachun Zhai Kinetic Properties of Emulsified Asphalts
Gerald Peterson Short-term Aging of Asphalt Binders using the Stirred Air Flow Tank

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