The 1st International Symposium on Binder Rheology and Pavement Performance


The University of Calgary,
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4,
Alberta, CANADA

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August 14th-15th, 2000

Copies of the presentations are available as PDF files by clicking on the title of the presentation. For more information the session chairman can be contacted via the e-mail address given
Presentations Monday (am) Session Chairman: Prof. Dr. Ludo Zanzotto
J. D’Angelo, FHWA. Superpave Specifications – Where Are They Taking Us?
Dr. S. Wells, Transp. Assoc. of Canada:
Superpave Implementation - C-SHRP’s Perspective
Dr. M.G. Bouldin, Sunoco Inc Development of Improved Performance-Related Binder Specifications
D. Palsat, EBA Engineering

Low Temperature P avement Performance – Theory to Practice

Presentations Monday (pm) Chairman: Dr. Anatoly Perlov
Dr. A. Perlov, Instron Direct Tension Evolution (from UTM to Asphalt Pro)
Dr. S. Ho, Dr. L. Zanzotto, Univ. of Calgary The Impact of Sample Preparation on Direct Tension Test of Asphalt Binders
O.Puzic and W.D. Robertson, Imperial Oil The Effect of Cooling Rate on Low Temperature Binder Properties
Dr. S.Tighe, Univ. of Waterloo An Examination of Asphalt Cement Properties on Low Temperature Cracking and Performance on the C-LTPP and C-SHRP Test Sites
J. Berti, Husky Oil A Refiner’s View of Superpave Specifications
Presentations Tuesday (am) Chairman: Prof. Dr. Hussain Bahia
Dr. G. Rowe, Abatech Development of Standard Techniques for the Calculation of Master Curves for Linear Visco-Elastic Materials
Dr. J. Stastna, K. Jorshari, Dr. L. Zanzotto,
Uni. of Calgary
Nonlinear Complex Modulus in Bitumens
Dr. R. Dongre, Dr. M. Bouldin Evaluation of Linear Visco-Elastic Behavior of Binders at Low-Temperatures
D Jones, Owens Corning An Industry Perspective on Performance-Related Specifications
Presentations Tuesday (pm) Chairman: Dr. Mark Bouldin
I. Demi, Shell Canada Review of Pavement Thermal Cracking Observations and its Relation to Binder Properties - No PDF file currently available.
Dr. J. Oliver, Australian Road Research Board The Development of Performance Related Binder Specifications for Australia
Dr. H. Bahia, Univ. of Wisconsin Using Damage Testing to Relate Binder Properties to Pavement Performance

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